The 3rd Largest City in France, Lyon

If you are looking for a destination in France, you should check out Lyon. By the name itself brings an interesting place in mind to visit. The city is full of history and magnificent architectural designs that will surely amaze you just like the College Hotel where you can stay and see chairs that are mounted on the exterior walls.

Lyon is a city in France famous for its gastronomy, meaning culinary science and the architectural designs which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lyon also is the place where cinematography was born and the man behind it is Auguste and Louis Lumière. The city also boasts its famous light festival which is celebrated every December called Fête des Lumières.

Orange Cube in Lyon

The economy of Lyon, France is immense because it is a major center for banking, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industries. For game lovers, they will be delighted to know that Lyon has a software industry that focuses on video games. What’s cool about the place are the lion statues around the town of which is Lyon’s trademark.

The city is abundant with real culture and history, imagine just walking around the Old Lyon District, you could learn about the 2,000-year-old history of the place. Lyon also has 50 secret passages or tunnels open to the public where you will feel that you are lost in ancient Lyon. There are also more than 2,000 restaurants where you can choose to dine and have fun eating the most delicious cuisines ever prepared by master chefs in the world.

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